sharsfoodadventuresjpg2055413124.jpg“Shar’s Food Adventures” is a blog dedicated to my love of food. I originally wanted to call it “Shar’s Cooking Adventures” but I realized I might not always talk about food I COOK. There might be times where I just want to share incredible meals I’ve experienced elsewhere other than my own kitchen. Also I don’t just cook, I bake sometimes too.

shargrayI am a mother and a wife and I love to cook for my family and friends. My inspiration came from my own mother who always fed me such memorable meals that I still long for until this day since I have moved from her nest and have created my own. I’m always trying out new recipes and new flavours that I can provide for my family with my husband being my handsome taste tester.

I am not at all a chef or a professional of any sort.  I am just a home cook/baker who enjoys cooking and is just looking to further explore the home cooking world.

So my goal for this blog is create/cook/bake/taste recipes whenever I can that are delicious and enjoyable. Healthy meals are also a goal of mine along with not compromising costs and time. I hope that this blog reaches other people who, like me, are just simple people who love to cook and bake and take in the same appreciation of food that is simple, easy, healthy and tasteful.

So I hope you enjoy your stay and find this blog helpful!  You are welcome to browse through my recipes or check out some tips and tutorials and if you want to be a part of our social media circle, you can find me at @sharsfoodadventures on instagam or @sfoodadventures on twitter!


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